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Wine Room Refrigeration

At Century Air, we are proud to be one of the few Las Vegas heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) teams specializing in wine refrigeration and cooling services. Our Comfort Champions know how critical it is to achieve the perfect balance of temperature and humidity for wine. We will always go above and beyond to help you protect your investment with wine room refrigeration installation, repairs, service, and maintenance.

Why Choose Century Air for Your Wine Room Refrigeration?

Working with our highly experienced and trained professionals will give you peace of mind. Our experts are well versed in what it takes to create and maintain proper wine storage. We stay ahead of the technology curve so we can offer you what is best for your unique needs.

Whether you are a well-seasoned wine connoisseur or a new collector, our Comfort Champions will address whatever level of wine refrigeration you require. Before we install your customized wine refrigeration unit, our experts will perform appropriate load calculations, taking into account heat gain, insulation type, space restrictions, and humidity requirements.

Our experience through the years encompasses wine enthusiasts, country clubs, restaurants, and other businesses in the North Las Vegas region and even around Las Vegas. You can trust our wine room cooling systems will help:

• Enhance your wine’s taste and longevity
• Prevent premature degradation
• Properly age and preserve your wine
• Protect your wine collection

When you need a wine room cooling system design or service, our team’s expertise includes:

• Self-contained (through-the-wall) wine cooling units
• Fully ducted cooling systems with exterior utility rooms
• Ductless split cooling systems with separate indoor and outdoor units

You can rely on our HVACR experts to design, install, repair, and maintain a proper wine cooling system to manage ideal temperatures and humidity levels while protecting your treasured vintages from costly environmental stress.

Wine Room Refrigeration Installation

If you are considering installing a wine room cooling system, our highly qualified team will perform an expert installation that safeguards casual and high-end wine investments. We have unbeatable communication and follow-through, which coupled with our decades of experience results in a stellar process for you.

At Century Air, we offer upfront, no-hassle pricing, along with financing, and no-gimmicks guarantees. We also guarantee your satisfaction—talk to use about it. No matter what your installation needs are, our Comfort Champions will diligently work with you to achieve your goals.

Wine Room Refrigeration Repairs

When the time comes that your wine room cooler is need of a repair, our team will arrive promptly and restore your cooler in no time. Throughout the years, we have collected the knowledge and experience to properly service most major wine refrigeration brands and equipment types. Before a breakdown occurs to threaten your valuable collection, call our Century Air team to successfully diagnose and repair the issue.

Wine Room Refrigeration Maintenance

Just like any other system, your wine room cooling system requires routine professional preventative maintenance. Keeping your system fine tuned and clean helps to keep it running reliably and at high efficiency. Regular professional maintenance has been proven to reduce unexpected and costly repairs. Have our Comfort Champions stay on top of your maintenance to avoid full-fledged emergencies.

Be sure to talk to us about our maintenance agreement plan and its options. Proactively investing in your maintenance helps protect your wine investment. Call us today to discuss what we have for you.

Contact Century Air for All Your Wine Room Refrigeration Needs

Our Century Air Comfort Champions are here for all your wine room cooling system requirements. We are always available to install, repair, service, and maintain your system here in the Las Vegas, NV, area. Call us today at 702.620.4132 or request service online.

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