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You may be tempted to think that the air quality inside your home is perfectly fine, but recent studies have demonstrated that indoor air tends to be 2 to 5 times more polluted than outside. One of the greatest culprits leading to this problem has to do with leaky ducts that need maintenance, located in your walls, attics, basements, and crawlspaces. Not only do leaky ducts gather hazardous particles that harm your respiratory system, but they also contribute to at least 20% of HVAC inefficiency within your home, according to the Energy Star program conducted by the Department of Energy. To avoid all these problems, reach out to our experts at Century Air for effective air duct services in Las Vegas.

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Solutions for Your Leaky Ducts Problems

When your ductwork is causing you trouble, it is highly likely that there are small gaps spaced between the ducts themselves and the connecting joints. Even though it is possible to temporarily seal these gaps with mastic tape – avoid using “duct tape,” which is actually a misnomer – eventually this make-do sealing will begin to deteriorate. The surest way of resolving a duct issue for good is by calling our HVAC professionals for a powerful solution.

Just a few ways that we can put a stop to the leaks in your ducts include:

  • Air duct testing – One of the first steps to take is having our trained specialists conduct a careful reading of the levels of air pressure within the ducts. This determines exactly how much air is being lost and gives us an accurate method of recommendations for increasing efficiency.
  • Air duct insulation – With our expert duct insulation, you will be able to make sure that your air stays the desired temperature when it circulates throughout the rooms in your house.
  • Air duct cleaning – You would be surprised how quickly contaminants gather in your ducts, ranging from mold spores to dust mites, chemical sprays to pet dander. All of that collected mass of particulates will be blown directly through your vents and into your lungs unless you receive thorough duct cleaning on a regular basis.

When to Invest in Air Duct Replacement

Although the methods above are usually excellent techniques for fixing leaky, malfunctional ducts, there will eventually come a point where your ductwork has sustained too much wear and tear over the years. Scheduling yet another repair will be far less cost effective than simply arranging for a powerful replacement. Replacement is not just an option for expired ductwork either – any time you want to have your HVAC system upgraded or retrofitted for higher energy efficiency; you are likely going to require replacement ducts as well. Let our expert team provide you with durable air duct replacements so that you can breathe more comfortably in your own home.

Signs You Need Air Duct Replacement:

  • High Energy Bills -
    It's fairly normal for some hot air or cold air to escape your air duct system. But, if you notice that your energy bill has dramatically increased it could be due to a large leak in your air duct system that may require more than repair.
  • Uneven Heating or Cooling -
    You may have notice that parts of your home are either colder or warmer than other parts of your home. It could be a fault in your ductwork that isn't allowing for that air to move throughout your home properly.
  • Dusty Home -
    Have your noticed that your home seems dustier than normal? This could be due to your air duct system having damage and it's allowing dust from the vents to be dispersed throughout your home.
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Customizable Air Duct Solutions

At Century Air, our Comfort Champions do our utmost to provide you with total customer satisfaction in the care you receive. This is why we offer personalized solutions for your air duct needs. Whether you are looking for basic air duct cleaning or want to have an additional UV light to destroy harmful bacteria and spores with safe radiation, we can tailor our services to match your precise preferences.

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